Breadcrumb Trail (director) (2014)
Her (documentarian) (2014)
The Greatest Event In Television History (director) (2012-2014)
The Lazarus Effect (director, cinematographer) (2010)
Paul (documentarian) (2010)
I’m Here (Documentarian) (2010)
All Tomorrow’s Parties (cinematographer) (2009)
Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak (co-director with Spike Jonze) (2009)
Where the Wild Things Are (documentarian, additional casting, visual effects reference) (2009)
Family Portrait (producer, director) (2009)
ARTHURFEST (producer, director) (2009)
Be Kind, Rewind (documentarian) (2008)
A Year Without Light (unreleased) (producer, director) (2006)
Dave Chappelle’s Block Party (camera operator, 2nd unit director of photography) (2006)
Jackass: Number Two (camera operator, documentarian) (2006)
NotNa (producer, director) (2005)
Unknown White Male (cinematographer) (2005)
Screaming Masterpiece (cinematographer) (2005)
Let America Laugh (director, producer, cinematographer) (2003)
“Sweet Emotion (tour visuals)” for Aerosmith (2003)
I’ve Been Twelve Forever (co-director with Michel Gondry, Jeff Buchanan) (2003)
The Slow Century (2002)
Adaptation. (documentarian) (2002)
Jackass: The Movie (camera operator, documentarian) (2002)
“Exile on Main St. (tour visuals)” for The Rolling Stones (2002)
“Some Girls (tour visuals)” for The Rolling Stones (2002)
Run Ronnie Run (documentarian) (2001)
Being John Malkovich (documentarian) (1999)
Torrance Rises (co-director with Spike Jonze, cinematographer) (1999)
Someone Gets A Cold Pizza (Director, Cinematographer) 1998
R.E.M. ROADMOVIE (Camera Operator)(1996)
Dognapping (unreleased) (Director, Cinematographer) (1996)
Parking Lots (director) (1994)
Lipstick Chunks: My Own Smeared Way (director) (1992)
Hit the Ground (director) (1991)
Jesus of Suburbia (director) (1990)


David Cross Title TBD (producer, director, cinematographer) (2010)
Collaborators (Producer, director) (2009)
Passaic Mosaic (director, producer, cinematographer) (2008)
Impossible Situation Getaway: The Making of Be Kind Rewind (director, producer, cinematographer) (2008)
Booker T and The Michel Gondry (director, producer, cinematographer) (2008)
Black Keys: Live at the Crystal Ballroom (producer, director) (2008)
Death Cab For Cutie: Live at the Hall of Justice (producer, director) (2008)
Glasslands (director, producer, cinematographer) (2007)
Deitch Projects Art Parade (director, producer) (2007)
The Gossip Live in Liverpool (director, producer, cinematographer) (2007)
Gather ‘Round Now (director, producer, cinematographer) (2007)
September in Brooklyn: The Making of Block Party (director, producer, cinematographer) (2005)
Ohio Players (director, producer, cinematographer) (2005)
Corporate Ghost (producer, director) (2004)
With the Lights Out (producer, director, editor) (2004)
Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow (director, producer, cinematographer) (2004)
They Don’t Love You Like I Love You (co-director with Spike Jonze)
The Hives: Live on The Sunset Strip (director, producer, director of photography) (2003)
“Jeff Mangum: Starlit Crypt” (director) (1997)
Green Day: European Tour Fiasco (director) (1996)

Music Videos

“Now We Can See” by The Thermals (director) (2009)
“Strange Times” by The Black Keys (2008)
“Karaoke” by T-Pain (director of photography) (2008)
“Wet and Rusting” by Menomena (2007)
“Down Boy” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2007)
“10×10″ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2007)
“Rockers To Swallow” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2007)
“Isis” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2007)
“Kiss Kiss” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2007)
“Declare Independence” by Bj√∂rk (cinematographer) (2007)
“Tied a Reed ‘Round My Waist” by Mike Watt (2005)
“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” by Arcade Fire (2005)
“Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by Arcade Fire (with Josh Deu)(2005)
“Heard ‘Em Say” by Kanye West (director of photography)(2005)
“Talking Like Turnstiles” by Death Cab for Cutie (2005)
“The Hardest Button to Button” by The White Stripes (director of photography)(2003)
“No Culture Icons” by The Thermals (2003)
“Know Your Onion!” by The Shins (2002)
“Commerce, TX” by Ben Kweller (2002)
“New Slang” by The Shins (2001)
“The Wrong Girl” by Belle and Sebastian (2000)
“The Time of Your Life” by The Yo-Yos (2000)
“Hewlett’s Daughter” by Grandaddy (2000)
“Praise You” by Fatboy Slim (Camera Operator) (1999)
“Spit on a Stranger” by Pavement (1999)
“Carrot Rope” by Pavement (1999)
“Major Leagues” by Pavement (1999)
“Major Leagues (Wrestling Version)” by Pavement (1999)
“Last Ride In” by Green Day (1999)
“Dirty Dream Number Two” by Belle and Sebastian (1998)
“Busy Child” by Crystal Method (1997)
“Kid in Candy” by The Spinanes (1997)
“That’s When I Reach for My Revolver” by Moby (1996)
“Capital A” by Lois (1996)
“How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us” by R.E.M. (1996)
“New Test Leper” by R.E.M. (1996)
“Stay” by 60 ft. Dolls (1996)
“The Diamond Sea” by Sonic Youth (1995)
“Game of Pricks” by Guided By Voices (1995)
“Coupleskate” by Joe Christmas (1994)
“I Can’t Stand It Anymore” by Five-Eight (1993)
“Tonight I’m Gonna Destroy This World” by Five-Eight (1993)


HBO First Look: Where the Wild Things Are (director, producer) (2009)
Jackass MTV 24 Hour Takeover (Camera operator, documentarian) (2008)
Jackass Presents: Murderball (director) 2005
Sonic Youth Video Dose (director) (2004)
Nirvana: With The Lights Out (producer, director) (2004)
Jackass (camera operator) (2000)

Commercial Work

AMP Energy (Director of Photography for TRAKTOR) (2009)
Pedigree (Viral Segments for TRAKTOR) (2008)
Nike (Director) (2008)
RockBand 2 (Director) (2008)
RockBand (Director) (2007)
Subway (Director) (2007)
Subway (director) (2007)
Toyota (Viral Segments for Lance Acord) (2007)
Volvo: FEEL (director) (2006)
Volvo: LIFE ON BOARD (director) (2005)
Wrangler Jeans (Camera for Spike Jonze) (1996)